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 Controversy in AA

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PostSubject: Controversy in AA   Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:56 am

AA can cause alot of exjws hair to stand up with its God talk and Bible references.
I personally have had to deal with these feelings.
But I look at it this way now.

"The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking" - AA
How about the requirements for being a JW. ( A lot more right)

Bill W. got his start in the Oxford Group which was an Authoritative Protestant group also refered to as Buchmanism. Yet Bill W. although built his AA from this, was actually very liberal or progressive in his time with his "Higher Power according to your understanding."

Some old timers in AA might remind you of mind controlling Christian types, but remember there are no rules, apostates, mind police in AA.

Some may call AA a cult, but those people certainly do not know CULTS, like we do.

AA is a positive thing for the world, sure it may not be as current in pshcology as a Patrick Carnes (sex addiction guru) but has helped alot of people.
Just imagine if Rutherford went to AA. Maybee he could have made Jehovahs Witnesses into an altruistic healing center who could send adherents door to door trying to transform drunk rapists fathers instead of creating a hyprocritical phobia producing cult that protects them.
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Controversy in AA
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